Opportunity for developing a KING TONY dealership through RUDI

Because almost all technicians own their own tools, King Tony dealers provide a valuable and necessary service.

They keep customers up to date on new products and service ideas, provide affordable programs for technicians to follow to expand and develop their tools and their capabilities. That development is very important to technicians since their tools and equipment define the amount and type of work they can do. In order to grow, to make more money, they have to acquire the tools to do a better job in less time.

King Tony dealers own their businesses, which includes a walk-in van and an inventory of merchandise for sale. All of this involves building personal relationships with customers-learning about their goals and needs-and working with them to build the tool inventories and capabilities they need.

The quality promise.

In the worldwide clutter of sound-alike brands and me-too products, it is good to represent a successful brand. It is good to offer your customer a tool which will not disappoint them, on the contrary – it will make them believe in the quality promise – to own the balance between quality and price. Great brands know that it's not enough to build quality products. You have to innovate. You have to excel. King Tony is a company that believes in the constant development of its product offering. That’s why Kin Tony dealers always have support in offering a better and more specialized tool.

 If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be a King Toy dealer, you owe it to yourself to find out more about this opportunity by contacting us via the telephone or e-mail pointed in this web site.